Rod Stewart admits new baby is exhausting him

Not really surprising as the dad of eight is 66 years old!

New dad Rod Stewart has admitted being a 66-year-old father to his 5-week-old son, Aiden, is exhausting.


The ageing rocker says he’s been knocked for six by life with the new son he’s had, number 3 with wife, Penny Lancaster, but insists it’s all worth it to be a dad again.

“At my age, a new baby is bloody exhausting, it doesn’t stop, but I’m very lucky and proud to have had this happen in my life,” admits Rod. “Knackered or not, Aiden is a beautiful little boy.”

And it seems the cost of raising his brood of eight, yes eight children, is keeping the singer on the road, even at his age. He’s about to start his next world tour apparently to keep little Aiden in nappies and baby clothes.


Don’t overdo it Rod, you are nearly 70 remember…

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