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England rugby player Mike Tindall has suggested he and eventing champion wife Zara Phillips could have a family - one day


Rugby star Mike Tindall has spoken about he and wife Zara Phillips, Princess Anne’s daughter, having a family ‘in the future’, according to the Mirror


Speaking at the launch of his new charity Rugby For Heroes, the Mirror reports Mike said: “Obviously we’re going to have a family. But it’s about timing.

“Obviously it’s the Olympics this year, the Europeans next year, the World Championships the year after for her.

“I want to play for another two years, so it’s just where we find the balance in that.

“I wouldn’t say we’ll wait, we’ll try and find a window.

“There is definitely a family in the future but it’s hard at the moment with work, as it is for a lot of people out there,” Mike said.

Mike added, “We see Peter and Autumn’s children Savannah and Isla all the time, they’re great.

“I think I’m good with them, we’re both good with them. Savannah’s a little girl now, she runs around and she’s fully grown up.”

Mike’s comments are bound to have Royal watchers excited.

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