Royal Marine leaves battle in Afghanistan to donate kidney to son

Soldier says seeing son poorly was much harder than fighting in the war


A Royal Marine left battle in Afghanistan after hearing his son needed an urgent kidney transplant, reports the Daily Mail. James King rushed back home to help his poorly son when he learnt he had taken a turn for the worse.


James Junior, 3, has required daily dialysis since he was 18 months old after suffering kidney damage in the womb. He was placed on the transplant list but had to wait until he reached a certain weight before his body would be able to accept an organ.

But in June, he developed a severe inflammation, which made his need for a transplant even more urgent. His father returned to their home in Somerset to donate his kidney, and tests showed he was a perfect donor match. James Junior’s body accepted the organ straight away.

“James is really well,” said his dad. “For me, recovering from the operation has been hard, but it makes it all worthwhile when James comes in when I am lying bed and he is more energetic and happy – it’s brilliant.”


James Junior’s mum, Louise, said, “You couldn’t ask for a better husband or a better father.” James is hoping to return to light duties within the next few weeks, with a view to returning to full fitness in time for next year.


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