Former S Club 7 member Tina Barrett’s kept a bit of a low profile since the group parted ways in 2003.


But that didn’t stop her from reaching out to her thousands of Twitter fans with a personal post earlier this week.

Tina, who’s pregnant with her first child, shared a sweet snap, posing in the mirror with her almost-ready-to-pop baby bump.

    “Ready to drop!!!! #BigMama #AnyDayNow!!! ?❤️” she captioned the pic.

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    Things really don’t stop movin’ when you’re expecting – just one month ago, Tina showcased her pregnant tummy in another photo, and it's amazing to see how much your bump can change in 4 weeks.

    It's also quite nice seeing that celebs have bumps of all shapes and sizes – makes us feel like we’re not two in a million!

    In case you didn’t know, this is Tina and her partner Paul Cashmore’s first child together. They announced they were expecting back in March.

    Honestly, we’re a bit disappointed that we couldn’t figure out how to get a fourth S Club 7 song title in there, but we are very excited for the soon-to-be first-time parents!

    Congrats ☺

    Images: Twitter/Tina Barrett

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