Sad, emotional and desperate – one celeb mum’s experience of IVF

Celebrity Masterchef winner Lisa Faulkner opens up about her devastating battle with infertility, and the joy of becoming a mum through adoption


Holby City star Lisa Faulker, 38, has revealed just how devastating her experience of infertility and IVF was before she decided to go down the adoption route.


Though various famous faces have spoken of using IVF to conceive, few speak candidly about how difficult the experience can be. Lisa, who eventually adopted her daughter Billie with husband Chris Coghill, went into details about how tough it was for her.

“When you’re faced with a chance of never carrying your own baby, all you want is to be a mother. It was a rollercoaster. Every day I was injecting myself,” Lisa told Red magazine.

“I put on two stone from drinking gallons of milk. I was a walking mess of hormones – crying all the time. I was emotional, sad and just desperate for it to work. It was horrendous,” said Lisa.

Lisa admitted things were made worse by the questions many famous women are asked in interviews. “They would always ask about babies and I’d say, ‘Yes soon’,” she explained. “Then the next minute I’d be injecting myself in the toilet.”

Lisa went through three rounds of IVF and spent £35,000 on her quest to be a mum but it didn’t happen until she and Chris adopted a 15-month-old girl, Billie, who has completed their family.

“I may not have carried Billie, but I love her absolutely,” Lisa said. “I couldn’t have made a better a little girl. She is my life.”

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