Sam Bailey: ‘Pregnancy won’t ruin my career!’

X Factor winner Sam Bailey hits back at her critics and models herself on successful working mum Victoria Beckham


Sam Bailey says she’s had a mixed reaction to her recent pregnancy news, with some critics even saying she’s ruined her career.


But now the X Factor winner and mum of 2 has hit back, saying she’ll prove she can be a successful working mum.

“With my other kids I wasn’t allowed to do anything, but this time I’m running around like a headless chicken!” she’s told OK! magazine

“I’ve had a bit of negativity, people saying, ‘Your career’s going to be over’ or ‘That’s your career down the pan’.

“I’ll prove it can happen. I’m always going to be working, no matter what. I’m living proof that you can do it, whether you’re pregnant or have kids already.”

Myleene Klass does it. Victoria Beckham does it: she’s got four and she’s still working!”

Sam is due to give birth to her third baby on the 3rd October.

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