On 11 November 2017, Sam and boyfriend Paul Knightley welcomed a baby girl ?


But now, a month after giving birth, Sam's finally revealed her moniker of choice: Rosie Knightley.

She announced the news in a low-key way, with a gorgeous Instagram snap and a simple rose emoji in the caption.

Of course, we think it's lovely and very elegant!

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Fans were previously speculating that she’d chosen a name themed on the day she was born, before one accused her of being ‘secretive’ about it.

Others left their own suggestions in the comments of her Instagram posts. (Some nice ones like Penny, Cleo, Amelia, Francesca, Harper, Evie and Ava among them.)

But Sam put all the conspiracy theories to bed when she replied to a fan who asked: “What’s the name and why all the secrecy?”

She retorted: “There is no secrecy we just haven’t named her yet.”

It took Sam and Paul 4 weeks to settle on a moniker they liked, which is lucky - given that here in the UK, your baby’s name needs to be registered by the time they’re 6 weeks old.

They were pretty quick to name their 1st child, son Paul… but since it was a family name, we guess the decision was simple!


(If it makes them feel any better, it took fellow celebs Peter and Emily Andre aaaaaages to name their son Theo!)

How long did it take you to name your baby?

Image: Instagram/Sam Faiers

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