Picking your baby’s name is pretty tough.


It’s (ideally) gonna be the name they carry with them for the rest of their life, and probably plays a small part in shaping their personality and how they feel about themselves.

And, while many of us feel confident we’ve totally got it just right and our little one will love their name when they're older, some of us aren’t as lucky, and end up totally regretting the name we've picked – for a multitude of reasons.

As is neatly illustrated in a new Reddit thread, where loads of mums and dads have been opening up (anonymously) to admit the names they regret choosing – and why.

Here's just a sample of the names they wish they hadn't chosen...

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"Meh. My daughter is named Capri and I get asked about Capri pants and Capri Sun all the time. She's actually named for a Colbie Caillat song. We call her Pri or Pripri."


"My son, on the other hand, his first name is Donald. It's not what he goes by, but I feel like it's about to become cumbersome."


"My [girlfriend] named her daughter Lera, but she admitted she made a mistake once she realised it the full version of it was Valery (which is both male and female name in Russia), and that was the name of her stepfather, whom she has hated her entire life."


"We chose the name Archer for our son. I had never heard of the [US animated spy comedy] show until people started asking why I named my son after it. So that's been fun."


"My middle daughter's name is Dawn. My mother in law suggested it at the hospital. It's fine, I guess, but I only agreed to it because I had just a Caesarean, hadn't thought of anything yet, and I was too tired to give a shit. Now I regret that I didn't come up with something better ahead of time."


"I do regret my son's middle name: it's not a family name, and has no significant meaning. We were just scrambling to pick one, and my FIL spent a lot of time researching people with the same first name in the hope of finding a good middle name. He threw one out there, we sorta liked it and accepted it. If I could go back, I'd change his middle name to Elias which has way more significance than Isaac does."

The religious choice

"I only regret it because my daughter doesn't like her name. I used to be way more religious and named both my kids after their name-day saints. I still like their names but if I had it to do over I would go with something easier to spell or at least more americanised."

And then there's this near miss...

"The wife and I almost named our daughter Isis, but settled on Iris instead. Then ISIS came around the following year."

What about you?

Do you still ? your little one’s name, or do you wish you’d picked something different?

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h/t: Huffington Post and reddit

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