Sarah Brown opens up about the death of her baby daughter

Former Prime Minister’s wife writes an emotional essay about losing her 10-day-old baby in 2002

Gordon Brown’s wife Sarah Brown has opened up about the death of her and Gordon’s newborn baby Jennifer for the first time.


Sarah’s daughter Jennifer was only 10 days old when she suffered a brain haemorrhage in 2002.  In a collection of personal stories, Sarah admits that the loss “changed my life forever” and she reveals how she’s learnt to deal with it.

“The first lesson is to recognise that the big overwhelming, debilitating pain that hits from time to time does subside and, as hard as it is to go through it, you learn that you do come out of the other side each time,” Sarah wrote.

“With that understanding, a burden lifted from my shoulders and I looked afresh at how to move forward,” she continued.

Sarah also revealed that her and husband Gordon often “escape” to Jennifer’s grave when they need solace.

Sarah and Gordon have gone on to have two sons John, 7, and Fraser, 4.

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