Sausages contain more salt than crisps

Mums are urged to check food packaging before feeding sausages to children


A staggering 97% of sausages sold in supermarket contain more salt than a packet of crisps, a study has found. Mums have been warned to study food packaging before choosing sausages to use in their family dinner plans.


A study on 246 different meat sausages showed that only seven contained less salt than an average packet of crisps.

This means that just two sausages with your bangers and mash can make up almost half of an adult’s daily recommended salt income and an even higher percentage of a child’s recommended daily intake. A diet of salty food can increase your child’s chances of having high blood pressure in later life.

Sausages shown to have the least level of salt included celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s own brand and nationwide supermarkets Asda and Waitrose. All major supermarkets stock sausages with reduced salt.

Richmond, one of the brands in the top five of worst sausages, defended it’s products.  It stated that the study was conducted on raw sausages rather than cooked sausages.

What do you think about the shocking discovery?

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