Scary new pregnancy trend emerging

So-called ‘piranha women’ prey on rich men to fall pregnant and get fast tracked to a glamorous life.


Some single women are tricking rich men into getting them pregnant as they see a baby as being their ticket to a high-flying life, a lawyer has warned.


These women, who have been called ‘piranha women,’ are said to be increasing and are more interested in snapping up a wealthy man than work.

Lawyer Diane Benussi, who specialises in high value divorce cases in a large law firm in Birmingham, uses the term ‘piranhas’ to describe women who flaunt themselves in the hope of finding a well-off man and getting rich themselves.

After finding a man, a piranha woman would lure him into having unprotected sex and lie that she is on the Pill.

“Marriage doesn’t seem to have the same resonance it once had. Instead women want a baby. Babies are becoming a lot more fashional – they are becoming trophies,” Diane explained, reports The Daily Mail.

“For some women having a baby is a career move. They are paid to stay at home and look after their baby. It is a meal ticket for the next 18 years of their life,” Diane added.

According to Diane, her company has seen an increasing number of cases over the last five years involving single women-turned-mums who are calling on the wealthy fathers of their children for financial support for 20 years or more.

Diane described piranhas as “flesh-eating, man-eating” creatures that want high-earning men. “They know exactly where to find their targets,” Diane said.

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