School meals serve crocodile!

A school chef has started serving crocodile, frogs’ legs and zebra stew, but mums are worrying they can’t compete at home


Forget turkey twizzlers, beans and chips, a school chef in Kent has broken with tradition and has started serving crocodile, zebra stew, and even frogs’ legs to pupils at lunchtime, reports the Metro.


The weekly exotic lunch project was launched at the New Line Learning Academy in Maidstone to try and teach pupils about foods from different countries. And according to chef Thierry Leory, the pupils are loving the slightly quirky menu on offer and are chomping for more each week.

“When they try it, they come back and ask what is on the menu next week,” says Thierry. “I love the idea that they are going home and saying, ‘I tried crocodile today.’ I think that’s wonderful.”

But while the children are loving it, their parents are far from impressed, with a few  worried that they will have to compete with the menu at home.

“Next thing you know he’ll be wanting this food at home, and to be honest, I have enough trouble roasting a chicken!” admitted one very honest mum.


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