School names and shames badly-parked parents

Headteacher displays numberplates of dangerously-parked cars on school gates


A headteacher in Northampton has started naming and shaming parents who park their cars dangerously outside the school.


Jackie Lapsa,headteacher of Vernon Terrace Primary School, has taken to displaying the number plates of the offending vehicles on the school gates.

The school is in a narrow street that has residents’ parking bays running down both sides, and the headteacher is concerned that parents who double-park or stop in the street to let their child out are risking the safety of the other pupils at the school.

“I’m very passionate about it,” she told BBC Inside Out East, “because I’m really worried that a child or an adult is going to get knocked over and seriously hurt.”

She also said she’d tried talking to parents first, but some ignored her and others were “downright rude”.

“One parent told me I was doing my job wrong,” she said, “and that I should be getting a multi-storey car park built in the playground!”

What do you think? Is this headteacher right to name and shame parents who park dangerously?

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