Schoolboy begins new term as a schoolgirl

A 10-year-old boy with gender dysphoria has been welcomed back to school from the summer holidays as a female


A 10-year-old schoolboy has returned to class after the summer holidays as a girl. The child was diagnosed with gender dysphoria, causing him to feel like he’s really a girl trapped in the body of a boy.


After “coming out” as a female this summer, her school in Worcester welcomed the pupil back, dressed in a girl’s school uniform, reports the Mirror. The headteacher also held a special assembly to explain the change to the other children.

The pupil’s mum explained that her child had shown signs of wanting to be a girl from the age of 2. “She had to lie about what she got for Christmas and say a football or an Action Man when in fact she got sparkly shoes and a Barbie. Everything was a lie.”

“I don’t expect people to understand, but I want her to be left alone,” the worried mum added.

Outside the school, the family have struggled with criticism and bullying, and some parents are concerned that this revelation could lead to the child being bullied by other pupils.

But the headteacher explained, “We operate an inclusive policy and work to ensure all out pupils have the support they need.”

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