See what 30 years of love looks like

A mum bought these 2 teddy bears at the same time – but one's waited 30 years to be loved


Have you ever wondered what 30 years of love looks like? Well, take a look at the teddy bear on the left! Both bears were bought by a new mum in 1985: she gave one to her baby boy, and carefully put the other away in a cupboard for a future grandchild.


So the bear on the left has been cuddled within an inch of its life, taken on family holidays, dragged through the garden and maybe even used as a goalpost once or twice.

And the one on the right has stayed in pristine condition – until the mum’s baby boy, now 30, had a baby of his own. After the second teddy was handed over to the new baby by a very proud grandmother, a relative posted a picture of the bears side by side on photo-sharing websites Reddit and Imgur, where it’s since been viewed millions of times.

Lots of people made cheeky comments, ranging from “This looks like an anti-smoking ad” to “Was that bear president for a term?”. But others posted simply that this picture has inspired them do the same for their future grandchildren.

It’s certainly inspired us!

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