Kate Middleton visited children in Harlem, New York this week – and was mistaken for Elsa from Disney's Frozen. "The children thought Kate was the Princess from Frozen," said the Director of Northside Center where the royal visit was held. Well, they are both princesses so it's an easy mistake to make.


But the royal case of mistaken identity has got us thinking… what else do Kate and Elsa have in common?

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Blue gowns

Kate wowed New York in a floor-length blue gown this week. But guess who wore it first? Yes, you guessed it, Elsa.


Can't touch this

At the beginning of Frozen, Elsa can't touch anything for fear of unleashing her magical powers.

Now, we're not suggesting Kate is magic, but royal protocol dictates that Kate can't be touched either. This week, a few eyebrows were raised as a star basketball player put his arm around the Duchess' shoulder in New York - a breach in the proper etiquette.

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Elsa has a close bond with her sister Anna. But do you know who else is thick as thieves? Kate and Pippa of course!


They've both turned into dolls

We all know the Elsa doll is one of this year's must-have Christmas toys. But did you know Kate has her own doll look-a-like? The Princess Catherine Doll is on sale at Amazon - though we don't expect it to sell out!