Shock horror, you’ve probably been playing Monopoly wrong!

Online campaign to observe proper rules goes viral


Most families have their own particular foibles when it comes to playing Monopoly, but now an online campaign to get us all playing properly has gone viral.


The rule most of us have either forgotten or have never known actually speeds up the game, too. The rule states that, if, for example, you land on The Strand and chose not to buy it, it then has to go to auction to allow the other players to bid for it, rather than having to wait for a lucky roll of the dice to land on it, potentially hours later.

The Campaign for Real Monopoly was launced by Johnny Nexus on his Critical Miss gaming blog and quickly went wild on Twitter. The campaign claims that for generations, families have been playing the game, which was invented during the Great Depression in 1934, incorrectly by neglecting this crucial rule.

Since 1934, Monopoly has been translated into 26 languages and sold more than 200 million sets worldwide. The game’s own Facebook page currently has 10 million likes.

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