Sienna Miller: “My daughter monopolises my time”

Actress reinvents herself as a 'stay-at-home' mum, for baby Marlowe


Ah, the many phases of Ms Miller.


We first met Sienna when she was a fresh-faced ingénue on the arm of Jude Law. She then swiftly morphed into Britain’s best-loved boho babe: and was the reason we all wore those long gypsy skirts – thanks Sienna!

Then, the tireless trendsetter segued into an outspoken tabloid privacy campaigner. As it turned out, she kinda had a point. Now, as she enters her 30s, we meet Sienna mark IIII – blissed-out earth mama.

Chatting happily about her latest incarnation, new mum Sienna told Metro “My daughter monopolises my time. I spend my days making pureed food for her.”

“My life is this: my baby and my dog. My fiancé is in a play at the moment, he’s busy working a lot.”

The Factory Girl actress also hinted that her career will be taking a back seat for a while, admitting, “My 20s were a bit crazy. I spent those years working and being repeatedly persecuted by the media. Nowadays, I can be the woman I truly am, more calm, and freer too. I turned 30 and I suddenly had much less energy.”

After more ups and downs than the Tower of Terror, we’re glad Sienna’s enjoying some chill time.

And all it took was the love of a good baby.


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