Sienna Miller talks about her baby daughter Marlowe at the Golden Globes

"I miss my baby" - why Sienna doesn’t like leaving her newborn


Sienna Miller may have stunned the rest of us on the red carpet at the Golden Globes, but her 6-month-old daughter Marlowe was none too impressed that she’d been left behind.


Sienna told E!, “I miss my baby! She’s just got to the age where I leave and she cries, so it’s just heartbreaking. That’s the milestone we’re at, but it’s good.”

Sienna and fiancé Tom Sturridge are often seen ferrying baby Marlowe around in a baby carrier, so perhaps Marlowe thought she was a shoe-in to be her mum’s plus one. Instead, Sienna took along her own mum Josephine, for a night of glitz and glamour.

We bet there were lots of other new mums feeling the same, what with Adele, Robbie’s wife Ayda and Claire Danes all hitting the red carpet, too. Adele joked she was only on a mums’ night out and Claire was chatting about the wonders of her Versace dress for keeping her baby weight under cover (not that we believe she needs that for a second!). Bravo to the mums for juggling babies, milestones and Golden Globes, eh?!


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