Simon Cowell: ‘dads don’t do changing nappies’

Yes, it's 2014 and a survey shows 92% of fathers are sharing all the family chores but new dad Simon Cowell isn't going anywhere near a baby-changing mat...


We might have seen him (struggling to) fit a car seat and cuddle baby Eric on his chest but music mogul Simon Cowell isn’t going be dirtying his hands with the diapers any time soon.


“I don’t think dads do changing nappies to be honest,” he’s told Sky News. “I’d leave that up to the nanny. I don’t think anyone wants to do that, do they?”

Well, maybe not. But 92% of dads do muck in with all the family chores anyway, according to a new survey.

Unlike Simon, over two-thirds of dads think helping out is every father’s job – and over 45% of those who took part in the survey (commissioned for clothing firm Jacamo) say they actually find it rewarding.

But the X Factor maven points out, in his defence, that he’s not leaving all the baby-caring stuff to Eric’s mum Lauren (Silverman) or the couple’s nanny. “I feed him,” he says, “I talk to him, I play with him.”

It wasn’t entirely clear who was on nappy-changing duty earlier this week when Simon, 54, took Eric to meet his 88-year-old grandma: Simon’s mum Julie.

Month-old baby Eric is named after Julie’s late husband, who died in 1999, so the UK visit was especially poignant.

Simon also reveals that he does harbour some music-mogul ambitions for his newborn son – who, we hear, already has a ‘body double’ appearing in Harry Hill’s new X Factor spoof stage musical I Can’t Sing

“Obviously, I would love him to come into the business,” says Simon. “Learn to make TV shows, West End shows and records.”

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