Simon Cowell reveals just how much Eric takes after dad

Surrounded by money, it looks like his son is interested in joining the family business


We did wonder if baby Eric would follow in his dad Simon Cowell’s money-making footsteps. And if this new snapshot is anything to go by, it looks like the 17-month-old is just as interested in the green stuff as his music mogul dad.


Sat in bed, rooting through his dad’s wallets, Eric is surrounded by dollar bills.

“Oh No! He is Dad’s little boy,” Simon tweeted.


But it looks like The X Factor judge finally managed to separate his son from the money as he snuggled him down for a cuddle in bed.

Planting a smooch on Eric’s head, the 55-year-old looks like he’s ready for sleep as he tries to soothe his son. But despite his shushhhing, Eric is still wide awake!

Photos: Twitter / Simon Cowell

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