Six-year-old girl helps deliver her baby sister on bathroom floor

Schoolgirl learned birthing tips by watching Casualty


A six-year-old schoolgirl helped to deliver her newborn baby sister after picking up lessons in midwifery from television drama Casualty.


Francesca Goodby from Birmingham took playing doctors and nurses to a whole new level when her mum Kay suddenly went into labour on their bathroom floor.

As her father, Michael, rushed downstairs to call the emergency services, resourceful Francesca calmly assisted with her mum’s breathing, made sure the umbilical chord was not wrapped around the baby’s neck and wrapped her up in towels after the birth.

“I had to keep mummy calm,” she confirmed afterwards, “I don’t know how I knew about it but I do watch Casualty and I like it a lot.”

Kay, now proud mum to Francesca and three-month-old Roisin, confirmed her eldest daughter was a tower of strength throughout her labour.

“She kept me calm, told me where to put my hands and wrapped Roisin up after she was born.”

“We can’t wait to tell Roisin when she is older how her sister helped bring her into the world.”

And they say watching TV isn’t educational…


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