Sleep deprived mums Dannii Minogue and Michelle Heaton take to Twitter

Ethan and Faith’s mummies join a long list of celeb parents sharing late night baby tales


They say being a mum is the toughest job you’ll ever do and it seems even the celebs are finding this out the hard way.


Former Liberty X star Michelle Heaton shared her tiredness and respect for fellow mums on Twitter yesterday after her 3-day-old daughter Faith kept her up all night.

“Morning tweeps!!! From a very sleep deprived new mum! Lol. Big up all the new mums out there… hats off to you all!,” tweeted Michelle.

Not far behind in the yawning stakes is X Factor judge-turned-fashion-designer Dannii Minogue, who posted she was struggling to battle a cold while looking after toddler Ethan.

“Suns up…glands up…coughing….blocked nose…. now baby up,” tweeted Dannii.

Yummy mummy Holly Willoughby can no doubt sympathise with Danni!

Even actor Owen Wilson has admitted he dreads the legendary parental sleep deprivation.

“What they say about newborns, about the parents not getting a lot of sleep? That’s true. You look at every place now as a potential nap place,” said Owen to Jay Leno on The Tonight Show in the US.

Hang in their guys!

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