Smoker mum Billie Piper denies bad parenting

Dr Who star hits back at anti-smoking lobby after being papped smoking near son Winston

Billie Piper has responded to criticism of her parenting choices after being photographed smoking a cigarette next to her 21-month old son, Winston.


“Billie is a responsible parent who values her child’s health above all else,” a spokesman responded. “Though a smoker, she is careful to only do so outside and with consideration to those around her,” he added.

Billie also claimed that the photograph gave an unrealistic view of the incident. “Due to the angle from which it is taken, the picture is misleading. It does not give a true sense of perspective in relation to the proximity of her son,” her spokesman explained.

Bille gave up smoking to conceive Winston but took up the habit again after he was born. Passive smoking has been linked to bronchitis, asthma and ear infections in children.

Smoker’s group, Forest, urged common sense to be used. “You’re not a bad parent just because you smoke or drink around children,” says Simon Clark, head of the group. “In a small enclosed space parents should err on the side of caution but we are losing the plot if we condemn parents who light up in the open air.”


Do you think parents should smoke near children?


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