Smoking parents raise children’s blood pressure

Children who live with parents who smoke have been found to have higher blood pressure than those from smoke-free environments


Children whose parents smoke are at risk of high blood pressure, according to a new study of 4,200 children aged between 4 and 7.


The study found that children with a smoking parent were 21% more likely to have blood pressure at the top of the “normal” range, even after adjusting for factors such as weight and genetic disposition.

“Parental smoking is not only negative for children’s lung function,” said Giacomo D Simonette, the author of the study. “Passive smoking increases the risk of having blood pressure at the upper end of normal, and some of these children already had high blood pressure.”


Mums who smoke had a bigger impact than dads, which is thought to be because dads do most of their smoking at work, away from the home.

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