Sneak preview – 2011’s hottest buggies

An early-bird look at the buggies due out next year, from travel systems to all-terrain 3-wheelers, lightweights, double buggies and a hot celebrity-loved brand yet to hit the UK...


Last week, MFM packed its bags and headed to Germany to hit the world’s largest baby and child fair, Kind + Jugend. It’s been running for 50 years, and with about 800 companies from 40 countries, it’s not exactly small! It’s here that the big name brands reveal what they’ll be doing for the next year or so. Some products are just prototypes, held securely in big, sealed Perspex boxes, and other items are ready for us to play with, which we eagerly did! If there’s a buggy fold to be tested, you can guarantee we’ll be in there giving it a go!


Also, don’t miss our car and home safety sneak peak and the report on hot nursery and feeding gear due out next year.


We’ve seen the Apple, the Pear, the Peach, the Cherry… and now iCandy have us in a fruit frenzy again with the Strawberry! This iCandy buggy looks stunning  – you’d expect nothing less from this UK buggy brand – and is just so rich in features. There’s one genius, parent-friendly folding feature that’s so smart it has patent pending on it. The unique iCandy MEMORY system will have public transport using parents excited, too. It basically means when you unfold the buggy, the seat unit automatically goes back to its last used position.

And we can’t forget the other sneaky viewing we got at the iCandy stand – there’s a 3-wheeler Peach! It’ll only come as a single, and it’s as lovely as the original. Also, there’s a special edition Peach due out soon. Design-loving parents out there will fall in love with its bold looks and lines.

Phil and Teds

Phil and Teds introduced us to the Hammerhead, a “4WD inline”. It may have 4 wheels, but Phil and Teds promise it doesn’t lose out in terms of manoeuvrability.

The Phil and Teds Verve is a new 4-wheeler inline buggy we hope to see before the year is out (don’t quote us on that though!). If you like the Vibe, you’ll no doubt have a soft spot for this. It folds with the doubles kit attached, has a reclinable rear seat and features soft neoprene seat pads. 

There’s also the Phil and Teds Sub4 jogger – this is one serious 3-wheeler. If you blended the best bits of a bicycle with a buggy, well, you might come close to this amazing jogger. Active parents, take note! Your mummy tummy will melt away just by glancing at it.

We heard talk of a very safe addition to all Phil and Teds buggies – we can’t tell you more, but once you see it, you’ll be left thinking, “Why hasn’t anyone done this before?!”

Mountain Buggy

Mountain Buggy has been busy! Firstly, the Duet, a side-by-side ATP that’s best likened to a double Swift, which we gave a full 5-stars when we reviewed it. Release date? Well, we’ll keep you posted!

Also in the pipeline for Mountain Buggy is the +one, a tandem 3-wheeler.

It seems MFM weren’t the only ones impressed by Mountain Buggy’s work – the brand won the fair’s Innovation Award in the category of “Moving & Travelling Baby Accessories” for its Free Rider. This clever bit of kit can be used as a buggy board, then folded up out of the way or detached from the buggy to become a fully-fledge 3-wheeler scooter for your toddler.


Concord, that premium buggy and car seat creator, has two new buggies due sometime next year. Keep your eyes our for these two names: Quix and Core.

The Concord Quix is an umbrella-fold lightweight, and the Concord Core has what we can only describe as F1 style suspension. The Core will be travel system compatible, too. Yippee!


Last year, Jane wowed us with new buggies, and this year it did the same again. There’s a striking black and white 4-wheeler called Muum that we’re told will have a really appealing price point. Also, watch out for the TRider. This is a 3-wheeler that’s based on the success of 2010’s Rider buggy, which got 4.5 stars from MFM.


Chicco looks set to really push parents’ perceptions of what Chicco products look like. We’ve seen a snow-white travel system (aptly named White Label), a caramel leather buggy that oozes English gentry (Liteway Glam), and a buggy that has similarities to the Mamas & Papas Mylo. Called the i-move, it won’t be here until sometime in 2011, but MFM are champing at the bit to get it tested.

Orbit Baby

Keep your eyes and ears on high alert for the brand Orbit Baby. This US company could be coming to the UK next year – and after seeing what its G2 travel system can do, we have fingers and toes crossed that it does. It boasts such versatile features – it’ll have your travel, bedtime and feeding-on-the-go all wrapped up. Rumour has it Heidi Klum and Seal are fans of the brand, too.


Emmaljunga, the Swedish buggy maker behind the Twin Nitro and the heritage-looking Mondial Duo Combi has a new fixed-wheel buggy due out towards the end of this year or early 2011. Called the Edge, it has a sportier look than the Mondial Duo Combi, and there’ll even be a Golden Check Special Edition, where just 250 are made. How’s that for exclusive!


Graco outdid itself when it released the Symbio, so the newcomer of 2011 has a lot to live up to. Called the Fusio, from the features we heard about, we think it will.


Maxi-Cosi has sworn all to secrecy about its big release for 2011 – we’re dying to tell you, but you’ll have to wait!


Quinny has the exciting Senzz buggy launching – word on the street is it’ll be as early as Christmas. Did you love the Quinny Zapp? Well, look out for the new Zapp Xtra buggy, out now! Travel system compatible, with a clever way to store the folded buggy chassis with the seat, we’re eager to get a go!

Safety 1st

Safety 1st won’t be left out next year – we sneaked a peak at the Compa’City buggy. It’s light, suitable from birth and has an umbrella fold.



Hauck has new buggy offerings, too. Watch out for more news on the Jive, Eagle, Citi  and Viper.

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