Sneak preview – Bugaboo set to launch new twin buggy next year!

The Bugaboo Donkey won’t be with us until Spring 2011, but this versatile single-come-double buggy looks set to turn heads



Today, Bugaboo announced that it’s releasing a brand new buggy, called the Donkey. The Donkey will be available in Spring 2011 in the UK, USA, Netherlands and Spain, but parents in other parts of the world will have a little longer to wait.

The Donkey is Bugaboo’s first foray into the world of double buggies, but has a lot more to offer than transport for two.

The main innovation is that it can be used as a single buggy (or “mono” in Bugaboo speak) without changing the frame, and the space is filled with a shopping basket. It can then be easily converted to a side-by-side double buggy. You can transform it from twin buggy to single again, whenever you need to. Bugaboo says this conversion can all be done in three easy clicks. It’s this flexibility that means it can work equally well for twin parents and parents with a baby and toddler.

As a mono buggy, it’s the same 60cm width as the Bugaboo Cameleon, and has loads more storage space – there’s an expandable side luggage basket as well as an under-seat basket. When used as a twin buggy (or “duo”), it’s 74cm wide, which is narrow for a side-by-side buggy.

In terms of its performance, Bugaboo promises it’ll offer a smooth ride and be suitable for all terrains, such as snow and sand. This is definitely something we can’t wait to see for ourselves, and we’ll be sure to put this claim to the test when we get our hands on one!

Price wise, it’s rumoured you’ll have no change from £1000, which sets the Donkey up in the top buggy bracket.

Good news for Bugaboo that double buggy sales seem to be soaring!


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