Sneak preview of Hamleys top toys for 2012

And, dare we say it, probably your kids Christmas wish list


Yes, we know summer has only just put in an appearance, but forewarned is forearmed, so we’re passing on our sneak preview of the best Hamley’s toys for 2012 so you know what to be looking out for this Christmas.


Moshi Monsters continue to dominate, with the Moshi Monster App Monster (£30) set to take the shops by storm this Christmas. To create your child’s very own monster, you download the free Moshi Monsters app and dress up your iPhone with the fuzzy-faced cover.

Continuing the monster theme, little girls with an aversion to pink are bound to love Monster High Dolls (£23) as a stylish alternatives to Barbie and Ken.

Mickey Mouse as you’ve never seen him before – as a gangster-rapping breakdancer, no less! Master Moves Mickey has 15 moves and 8 original songs to keep little ones entertained. Master Moves Mickey isn’t cheap at £89, but it’s worth it just to see his signature handstand, the Groove Copter, which definitely had MFM laughing.

Spidey is also making an appearance and is bound to be a popular choice with The Amazing Spider-Man about to hit the cinema. Web Shooting Spider Man comes with two motorised web shooters for targeting his nemesis, The Lizard.

The INNOTAB 2 (£105) and the LeapPad2 Explorer (£105) are next generation tablets designed for small hands. Both touch screen devices can be used to download apps and will be great investments for learn and play from the age of 4.

Euro 2012 might be coming to a close, but football will still be around for the festive period. Hamleys sports game Subbuteo, with new improved pitch and players, is bound to be a hit with kids and parents.

And no Christmas list would be complete without a Barbie doll! Barbie Puppy Play Park is the ultimate girly gift, with an adorable pair of puppies who follow Barbie’s beck and call. The interactive puppies will respond to your little girl’s own claps.

Hamleys Top Ten toys for Christmas (in no particular order)

Monster High Doll

Web Shooting Spiderman

Moshi Monsters App Monster



Nerf Elite Hail Fire

Barbie Puppy Play Park

Master Moves Micket

Lego Lord of the Rings, The Battle of Helms Deep

LeapPad2 Explorer

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