Soya and egg yolk helps one couple conceive?

Woman - now a mum of twins - drip-fed a blend of soya oil and egg yolks alongside IVF treatment


A woman, who had several failed attempts at IVF, has given birth to twins after being given a special soya oil and egg yolk treatment alongside her IVF treatment, reports The Daily Mail.


Sara and Matthew Conyers are said to have spent around £25,000 in total on IVF treatments in the quest to have a baby. After three unsuccessful attempts, and being told cells in her immune system were attacking the fertilised embryos, Sara was offered “intralipid infusion therapy”, which contains soya oil and egg products. This mixture is thought to have a stabilsing effect on cell membranes, overcoming an immune system problem and making it more difficult for killer cells to attack.

“The first time the IVF didn’t work we were devastated. However I had produced 18 eggs and they were frozen so they could be used for the next two rounds I had. But still nothing happened,” said Sara.

“On the fourth IVF attempt I was given soya oil and egg yolk. I thought it was a bit odd but by that time I was willing to try anything,” Sara said. “It was just like a normal drip in your hand but a nurse came to the house and did it.”

Sara had the treatment during her fourth IVF attempt and had a further fifth cycle of IVF before becoming pregnant.

“We didn’t have a holiday for five years but it was all worth it when I found out I was pregnant in October last year. We were more than a little ecstatic,” Sara said.

The couple welcomed the births of twins William and Ben, who were two months premature, in April this year.

A spokesperson for CARE Fertility, who treated Sara, said that the therapy (which is always administered by a qualified nurse under the instructions of a doctor) was offered to women who think the sole reason they can’t get pregnant is due to an over-active immune system. It is ocassionally used when a couple isn’t having IVF, too. “Sometimes it is given if the couple is trying to conceive naturally,” the spokesperson said, reports The Daily Mail. “They may be having continual miscarriages but nothing seems to be wrong with them,” she added.


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