When the call comes that your partner is going into labour, it takes a few seconds to gather your thoughts and spring into action. But this sports anchor's confused reaction is absolutely priceless.


Not quite able to take in the urgency of the situation, Scott Rude, who was reporting live for American sports channel 120 Sports, kept staring at a text he'd received from his wife. Not just any text. She was informing him she was about to get an epidural.

Reading from his phone Scott said: "Just got her IVs… going to get an epidural. 'Need you here now'".

Looking confused, he turns to his fellow anchors and says: "Should I just walk off set?"

"YES SCOTT YOU SHOULD!" every viewer screams at the TV.

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He hesitantly makes the decision to leave the studio but there then follows another debacle as the expectant dad is unsure about what to do with his chair.

At this point one of his co-anchors steps in and says "just go" and he finally leaves.

Luckily, Scott made it to the birth in time and he took to Twitter to post a picture of himself in the hospital with his wife, Maggie.

He tweeted: "Thanks to my @120Sports colleagues for supporting a walk off (no bat flip) live in studio to make it in time."

His daughter, who was named Edith (Edie) Joanne Rude, was born a few hours later weighing 7 lbs 10 oz.

It will be a while before he lives this one down...

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