Can you spot the funny thing in this family photo?

We've got to admit, it took us a while...


Well, the dad in this photo certainly has a sense of humour ?


This, erm, unusual family snap was shared as a meme on the Life of Dad Facebook page, along with the caption: “Making special memories the kids won’t forget.”

So, have you spotted what makes this photo so funny yet?

In case you can’t quite pick it out, look for the creative use of shadow to spell out a certain word…

The other caption on the picture suggests that this man’s kids perhaps weren’t so enamored by the ‘dad joke’, but it’s certainly got all us adults giggling.

We reckon this will now encourage loads of copycat naughty photoshoots, don’t you? Here’s hoping the sun’s out this weekend and those shadows can be put to good use ?

Image: Facebook/Life of Dad

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