Spray to help you bond with your baby

Mums in Australia are being given a nasal spray of the bonding hormone oxytocin to help them bond with their babies


A ground-breaking trial in Australia means mums who are struggling to bond with their babies a being treated with a man-made version of the ‘love’ hormone oxytocin.


The oxytocin is given to them via a nasal spray. The hormone is sometimes called the ‘love drug’ as it’s found to promote feelings of bonding and warmth to others.

Studies have found that mothers who find it difficult to respond emotionally to their new babies have a lower level of oxytocin than bonding mums.

The Australian project will measure the closeness and feelings of warmth between mum and baby before and after the oxytocin nasal spray, as well as infant massage and play sessions.


“Oxytocin allows us to recognise and feel connected to loved ones,” says Professor Mark Dadds who’s heading the study. “So after eye contact, cuddling, even an orgasm, with a loved one, you get a big shot of oxytocin, which increases trust and connection.”

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