Steve Carell opens up about fatherhood

US Office star's heart melts on a date with his daughter


American comic actor Steve Carell, probably best known as The 40 year old virgin, has been talking about life as a real dad.


The father of two recently went on a “date” with his daughter. “We went to lunch, we went out to a movie,” Steve revealed. “And what really got me, sort of melted my heart that day, was she still enjoys holding my hand in public. She’ll still do it.”

He may be a happy family man himself, but Steve says he wouldn’t think about giving parenting advice to other people.

“I find myself withholding information with new parents because I think you don’t want to hear it from me. You have to find this out on your own,” he said.

Steve, talking on lifestyle website iVillage, added  “..all the books you read, all the advice you get is wonderful and supportive, but, ultimately, you are making your own path with your kids. And that exploration and that discovery is, I think, what’s so precious about it.”

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