Still no name for Adele’s baby son, confirms Alan Carr

Skyfall singer hasn't picked a baby name, two weeks after birth


Adele still hasn’t decided on a name for her baby son, according to her pal Alan Carr.


The chat show host revealed his new-mama mate’s indecision to the Daily Star newspaper, while recounting a visit he paid to the happy family.

“He’s beautiful, absolutely beautiful,” Carr gushed of the new arrival. “But you have to find out his name before I can get a gift. You can’t mark a gift “To X” now can you?”

The TV comic clearly isn’t too dismayed by the wait, as he continued, “He is lovely, really lovely and the two of them are getting on brilliantly. Really great!”

Down-to-earth diva Adele previously kept mum about her imminent arrival for several months, then spent the latter half of her pregnancy laying low and nesting, so we wouldn’t be surprised if we have a bit of a wait before any announcement.

Until then, Alan will just have to hold off on buying those personalised booties…


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