On Christmas Day 2015, Adanae Liburd-Graham from Nottinghamshire was wearing a normal cotton dress when it set alight after a spark from the fireplace landed on it.


Her parents tried to beat the flames out but ended up burning themselves.

They eventually managed to wrap Adanae in wet towels before getting her to their local Queen's Medical Centre, where she was treated for 32% burns.

Now Adanae, aged 9, has made a video with her local fire and rescue service to teach other kids the stop, drop and roll method of extinguishing flames if your clothing goes on fire.


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As well as raising awareness of this technique, Adanae's mum Nicola Liburd is keen to make parents aware that, unlike nightwear, children's day clothes are not made to be flame retardent.

Dress-up clothes, in particular, can be made of highly flammable material as Claudia Winkleman discovered when her daughter Matilda's Halloween dress went up in flames.

Teens demo stop, drop and roll with real fire

We had a quick search on YouTube and found this video which shows 3 teenagers demonstrating the stop, drop and roll technique with real fire.

By the way - it does show genuine flames so you might want to watch it first before deciding whether your little one should see it - if not, maybe show them Adanae's demo instead.

But is is a great example of how the technique can really work. Take a look...

Photos/video: From BBC News video/YouTube

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