The sweet reason a stranger took this pic of mum-of-4

Mum Jess Wolfe was just finishing a stressful family supermarket trip when a stranger asked to take her photo. And we love the reason why...


Would you let a stranger take a photo of you looking hassled as you hustle your kids round the supermarket?


You probably wouldn’t, right? After all, who wants to pose for a portrait when you’re in the middle of the biscuit aisle, hair scraped up, struggling with a giant trolley that has your kids clambouring all over it?

Well, mum Jess Wolfe DID let a random woman snap a pic of her and her little ones on a shopping trip to Aldi.

All because the woman explained that she wished she’d taken more photos of the everyday things she did with her kids when they were little…

As Jess explained on her Facebook:

“Sweaty, baby strapped to my back, 3-year-old insisting that her belly hurts and NEEDS her donut that she forgot to eat after lunch, 6-year-old using everything in sight as a weapon, 7-year-old wanting to spend the only dollar he has. This. This was my trip to the grocery today.

“While I was bagging up my groceries (thanks Aldi) and trying to quietly keep from losing my ever loving sh*t, the lady next to me asked if I have one of those phones that takes pictures.

“Trying not to convey my annoyance to someone else adding to the million questions that make up my day, I replied that, yes I do have one of those fancy phones.

“She asked to take a picture of me with the kids. At the grocery. Together. She told me that she wishes she had photos of herself doing everyday things with her kids.

“She validated the fact that a simple grocery trip is hard. She told me that what I do matters. She doesn’t miss what made the days hard, but she misses what made them sweet.

“I will always cherish this picture and the message that came with it.”


It might not be picture-perfect, and it might not be the photo you save in your family album – but it sure is nice to take a step back and appreciate the little things every once in a while, isn’t it?

As Jess herself later said, the pic will make sure she cherishes the chaos and imperfections that come with being a mum.

“‘The photo isn’t necessarily one most people would frame. We look like hobos!” she added.

“But we don’t live in a perfect Instagram world, and I feel like, as a mum, we are already under the microscope enough. I don’t want people to [look at my photos and] think I’m perfect.”

Images: Facebook/Jess Wolfe

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