Stressed and “out of it” mum can’t believe what this waiter did for her baby

"He didn't even know what we had gone through that day..."


Ever get those days when you try and venture out with your little one only to end up wondering why you bothered?


They have a mega-meltdown or major poonami or something else happens which means what you hoped would be a fairly uneventful trip out turns into a teensy bit of a disaster ?

So we can totally identify with mum Dallas French, who decided to pop into a local cafe after being in a children’s hospital where her little bubba was having some tests.

Her wee one was, she says, “starving” – so she hastily started making up a bottle – but spilled it all over the floor and then started to make another one…

Yes, we get it, Dallas, we feel your pain ?

While all this was going, the waiter had been watching – and stepped in to offer some very welcome help.

Here’s the full story from Dallas:

“I forgot to post this Thursday after all that had happened that day I was really out of it (and probably the lack of sleep this past month) but we went to Olive Garden in Little Rock after Ellee’s tests at children’s hospital and she was starving and I was trying to make a bottle and spilled it all over me and the floor and made another bottle and our waiter (wish I knew his name) watched all that had happened and just had brought our salad and bread sticks and said here let me feed her and you eat…

“This melted all of us and this is what we need more of! He fed her I ate my salad and bread sticks and that milk on the floor got cleaned up after we left because he just understood!

“He didn’t even know what we had went through that day and showed us love and understanding – not irritated that I had made a mess and my baby was screaming… Gosh I wish I woulda got his name because he deserves the recognition!! And it’s the Olive Garden on Rodney parham in little rock AR!”

The story, shared on Love What Matters, received 126,000 reactions on Facebook and was shared more than 15,000 times.

One person wrote this comment: 

“I love to see servers who obviously take pride in their jobs. Some see them as unimportant, but they can truly change your entire dining experience.

“Often times they may not realise you’ve had a rough day but their words and actions can mean so much!!”

Another said: 

“Angels around us!! They are always there when needed!! Thank you angel for being there for this mom who needed your help.”

Awwww, here at MFM HQ we think this a lovely gesture from a stranger… and all of us have agreed that at some point or another we’d have loved a helping hand like this when we’ve been trying to do one thing but our bubba has other ideas…

Definitely our hero of the day ?

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