Single dad calls Superdrug’s mother and baby section sexist – and mums TOTALLY call him out on it

“Claiming that a section of a shop being named ‘mother and baby’ is discrimination is an insult to those who experience actual discrimination”


We totally high-fived celeb Ashton Kutcher when he started a campaign to get nappy changing stations in male loos as well as female ones.


And NO ONE agreed with the mum who didn’t think her husband should bath with their daughters.

But the latest – shall we call it an equality rant? – from a dad, on Facebook, hasn’t quite hit the mark for a fair few people.

Dave Darby, who is a single dad, popped this post on Superdrug’s page:


“Hi, I am somewhat perplexed Superdrug. Whilst looking on your website, I could not find a section for father and baby, yet there is one for mother and baby.

“As a single parent father, I find this somewhat derogatory towards fathers and their children and respectfully ask that this is change to parent and baby.

“Thus making it politically correct and also Superdrug acknowledging that men can also be single parents.”

The public response

Now we have to say plenty of mums commented on what Dave had to say.

‘Unless men are going to start needing nipple cream, maternity pads or breast pads anytime soon?” said one mum.

“It’s nothing against men –  it’s the products they are selling are for mothers and babies. What could you possibly sell for men in that section?”

“Can’t quite believe what I’m reading!” said another.

And a dad said this: “I have a daughter, and looking after her when I had her on own, never once when going into a shop looking for nappies and such did I get offended by stuff like that. Does this mean Mothercare should change their name?”

Though a few dads thought Dave had a point, one saying: “Went through the same thing 22 years ago, my wife is a professional earning much more than I did, so I became the house husband.

“Complaints like yours (and mine 20 years ago) are the reason there are now “parents rooms” instead of only change tables in the women’s toilets, and assorted other changes that have allowed at least SOME of the gender imbalance against fathers to be resolved.”

Superdrug’s response

Whether its fortuitous timing, or Dave’s post really has made a difference, Superdrug said this: “Thanks again for the feedback, we really appreciate your views on this.

“We’ve been discussing this with our web team today and they already have an update planned for this area of the website in February that will be more inclusive.

“This should go live around the 20th Feb so we’d love to hear your thoughts on it once it does.”

Oooh – wonder what that could be?

What do you think?

Does Dave have a point – or not? What do you reckon Superdrug’s changes will be? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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