Suri Cruise clocks up 65,000 air miles (and that’s just within the last 18 months)

Tom Cruise’s jet set pre-schooler is already on her second passport, despite only being 4!

With a wardrobe and jet set lifestyle to rival Victoria Beckham, the most famous pre-schooler Suri Cruise has managed to rack up 65,000 air miles within the last 18 months. Suri has so many exotic stamps in her passport, she’s had to get a second one!


Travelling to places other children (and adults) can only dream of, Tom Cruise’s well-travelled madam has visited Japan, Brazil, Australia and Italy to name a few. The most recent stop off  was Prague, when she accompanied actor dad Tom on the set of Mission: Impossible IV.

However, according to Grazia magazine, the fashionable celebrity child has decided she’s tired of hopping on aeroplanes and is a homebody at heart! “Suri’s sleep patterns have been seriously disturbed from all the traveling,” a source told the magazine. “That’s why you often see her being carried with a blanket like a baby.” Suri has also voiced her opinions too… “Suri kept saying in Prague, ‘Home now, home now!’”


We can only imagine what a Suri Cruise airport tantrum would be like, complete with mini Christian Louboutin shoe-stamping!

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