Suri Cruise plays the little lady

Starbucks and stilettos - Suri Cruise wants to be just like mum

Little girls love playing at being grown-up and Suri Cruise is clearly no different. Out and about with parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at the weekend, three-year-old Suri wore high heels and clutched a Starbucks coffee cup.


While Katie got her caffeine fix carrying the real thing, Suri played make-believe and took pretend sips from an empty cup.

Suri topped her cosmopolitan style off on the family’s stroll through Boston, tottering on a pair of shiny one-and-a-half inch peep toe heels. The outfit was complete with a floaty pink dress from Suri’s alleged £2 million wardrobe.

Tom and Katie are followers of Scientology, a religion that considers children as small adults. Scientologist parents also believe there is no reason to treat their offspring any differently to grown-ups.


Is Suri Cruise’s celeb lifestyle making her grow up too fast or is it just a bit of fun? Tell us what you think…

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