Suri Cruise to learn Mandarin Chinese

The 6-year-old has been signed up to a difficult new class at school


She may be the daughter of Hollywood royalty with fame and fortune at her feet, but that doesn’t mean Suri Cruise is in for an easy ride at school.


Following their recent divorce, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes enrolled their daughter in the prestigious Avenues School in New York, and have also reportedly signed her up to learn Mandarin.

Speaking to Radaronline, a source revealed, “Suri is going to be learning Mandarin. She is in the programme for lower school, which focuses on Chinese, and this is a great foundation for her.”

The Chinese language, which is the most widely spoken dialect in the world, is well known to be advantageous for those working in international business and finance – could this be the direction Suri’s parents want her career to take?

After growing up under the prying eyes of the world’s media, perhaps seeking success in private business would be the perfect path for young Miss Cruise…

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