Suri ‘Ladybird’ Cruise and her paparazzi-destroying wand

Katie Holmes' 5-year-old daughter has been choosing her outfits since she was 3, and today chose to be a ladybird


Little Suri Cruise is not one to dress for her age, but today decided to ditch the mini dresses and heels to wear a ladybird costume, complete with spotted bright red wings. The fashion-designer-in-the-making is bang on this season’s spot trend, wearing not only the traditional ladybird wings, but bright red dotty trousers AND gorgeous ladybird UGGs. We want a pair!


Despite the red theme, there was (thankfully) no perfect lipstick pout to be seen today. That said, Suri didn’t stray far from her alleged £1,000 a month beauty grooming ways, having painted her nails in a dark colour. We can’t quite tell, but maybe they’re black to match her colour-coordinated costume?

While actress mum Katie Holmes and actor dad Tom Cruise are both used to the paparazzi stalking their every move, it seems mini Cruise isn’t. Scowling at the cameras, Suri lifted her wand and seemed to cast a spell on them!

Katie and Suri were snapped stateside in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, making a pitstop at their favourite coffee shop, Starbucks. As they reappeared with their drinks, Katie looked amused as her daughter paraded around in her costume. She then ushered Suri into the car.

Does your little one ever decide they want to wear fancy dress during the day?

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