Survey reveals toddlers are the biggest thieves!

Parents admit to their toddler’s stealing ways


In a recent survey, 62% of parents have admitted their toddler has been caught stealing – even from their buggy-bound position!


The survey, by My Voucher Codes, found light fingered toddlers are most partial to pinching sweets and chocolate, though 7% of parents claim their child will help themselves to their favourite toy. After discovering that their little one has grabbed an unpaid for product, 43% of parents took the stolen item back to the shop. However, 24% admitted to keeping it, seeing it as ‘innocent’.

The ‘innocent’ steals are usually noticed when the alarm bells go off at the exit, and 17% of mums and dads realise when they get home.

It also seems that little boys are the biggest tea leafs, with 71% of the 1,414 parents polled revealing their son has taken an item without paying, as opposed to 53% of girls.


Has your little one ever stolen something from a shop without you knowing? If so, we’d love to hear about it…

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