Susannah Reid’s unusual living arrangements – for sake of the children

The TV breakfast show presenter is still living with her ex husband, even though he has a new girlfriend


Good Morning Britain presenter Susannah Reid has revealed she’s still living with ex husband Dominic Cotton for the sake of her children. Susannah split last year from the father of her 3 children and partner of 16 years.


“We live separately but together and happily in the same house,” she told Fabulous magazine. The unconventional living arrangement means Dom is still around to help raise Sam, 12, Finn, 10, and 9-year-old Jack.

“I’m not saying everybody can do it and I definitely think people are surprised that we can do it this way,” she said. “Obviously we’ve been through a bit since splitting up because a separation is always going to be sad. But it’s nice for the children that they know Mum and Dad are still there.”

Dom is even dating again – and Susanna says she’s happy her ex has a new partner.

“It is our ­responsibility to be friends,” she said. “We need to keep everything else private for the kids. My 15-year ­relationship hasn’t finished. I still have a very good ­relationship with the father of my children.

“We are making sure we do what is right for the kids. As anyone knows the breakdown of a relationship is never easy but we are getting on with things positively.”

The toll of divorce on children

Just as Susannah was making the revelations about her unconventional home life, a new study has revealed that divorce or separation can have a damaging effect on the children involved. According to the study, two thirds of children whose parents divorced achieve poor exam results and 1 in 8 later turned to drugs or alcohol to ease their stress. The trauma of divorce also led to nearly 1 in 3 children experiencing eating disorders.

The survey of 500 children and young people aged 14 to 22 was commissioned by family lawyers association Resolution.

Photo: Twitter / Susannah Reid

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