Sweet or sickly? Twitter accounts for the under-5s

As Tori Spelling’s 3-year-old son hits Twitter, is this toddler tweeting phenomenon cute or so twee it hurts?


Tweeting toddlers are the latest fans of the social media phenomenon, Twitter. Not content with using their own accounts to tweet their toddlers’ milestones, celeb mums and dads have set up accounts for their toddlers to make sure we don’t miss any tiny detail of their growing up.


The latest toddling tweeter is Tori Spelling’s 3-year-old Liam, who tweets as @LiamsWorld and has nearly 20,000 followers. And then there’s Ethan Smithogue who got in on the act before he was even born, chatting away to his famous parents Dannii Minogue and Kris Smith. And now he’s out there’s no stopping @BabySmithogue!


You lot weren’t impressed by Ethan’s cutesy womb-tweeting but little Liam is, at least, able to talk. And if he’s cheering up poorly dad Dean McDermott, stuck at home recovering from a motorcycle accident, then where’s the harm? Though you have to wonder, once family and friends are taken into account, exactly who are those thousands of other followers?!


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