Terminally-ill boy get his White Christmas wish

Mum creates winter wonderland in front garden


A mum has created a winter wonderland in her front garden for her terminally-ill son.


Mason Williams, 3, has a severe heart problem and needs a lung transplant, so his mum Melodie persuaded local businesses to help her surprise him with a longed-for white Christmas.

“I just had to do something now, in case he’s not alive next time it snows,” she said.

“If I didn’t do it now, and something happens to him, I’d never forgive myself for not making the most of the time we had.”

Mason awoke to find 400 litres of real snow, lights, trees and decorations in his front garden in Rowley Regis in the West Midlands, and played for over an hour in the snow.

“When he woke up and stepped out the front door, he was so shocked,” his mum added.

“He laughed and giggled as he touched the snow. He can’t speak but I knew he was loving his treat.

“Watching him was amazing, I will remember it forever.”

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