Terminally ill dad gets his wish to walk all 4 children down the aisle

Amazing dad finds a way to share his children's 'Big Day' - and it's just beautiful


Imagine being told you don’t have long to live: what sort of things would you want to do with your kids before you had to say goodbye? What milestones would you miss? It’s just so painful it’s hard to even think about.


But that’s exactly what one devoted dad from Pennsylvania is now facing. Ken McHugh was diagnosed with neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer five years ago and has recently been advised by doctors to stop treatment and simply enjoy the short time he has left. 

One thing Ken really wanted to do before he died was to share in one of the greatest rites of passage his children can go through: getting married. And a local charity made it happen.

Ken renewed his vows with wife Tammy before getting to walk each of his children down the aisle. He gave all of them a blue handkerchief and a letter to read on their actual wedding days.


The ‘wedding’ took all of Ken’s strength and he spent the next two days recovering, but Tammy expressed how wonderful the day was.

“We were all concerned it would be full of sorrow,” she told Buzzfeed. “But actually it turned out quite beautiful. We were happy and in the moment… it was a day of love.”


Another of Ken’s greatest wishes is to leave his family financially stable when he dies. He has been unable to work since his diagnosis and has set up a GoFundMe page – so far raising nearly $39,000.

While it’s unclear how long exactly Ken has left to live, one thing seems sure: he’ll make the most of every minute with the family he’s clearly so devoted to.

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