Tesco are handing out free fruit to children. Boxes of bananas, apples and oranges will be at store entrances for parents to give to their children.


Tesco are currently trialling the healthy scheme in 15 Glasgow stores – after a Lincolnshire store was praised for a similar plan.

The supermarket in Brigg, Lincs, offered fruit to parents "for your children to eat whilst you shop". A photo of the offer was shared on Facebook and quickly went viral.

"I just wanted to say how wonderful it was to see this display in our local Tesco today. After seeing all the sweets out for Hallowe'en this made a refreshing change," Vicci Skinn posted, sharing the picture on Tesco's Facebook page.

"And offered parents/carers a choice of some delicious fruit for their little ones to sample.

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"Well done Tesco Brigg."

Now more parents will get to try out the free fruit – but we wonder if they'll also have kitchen equipment on hand to slice and peel the apples for fussy toddlers! And we expect banana skins are likely to turn up in some pretty unexpected places...


"As a father myself I know just how much of a challenge it can be to navigate the aisles with hungry children in tow," Josh Hardie, the corporate responsibility director for Tesco, said. "As well as helping make sure children get their all-important 5 a day, we’re hoping this new plan will help instil some healthy eating habits that will stay with children as they grow up.

There was such a fantastic reaction from customers in Lincolnshire, Tesco have now started rolling out the healthy eating initiative into other parts of the UK.

There are 15 stores in Scotland now offering free fruit to frazzled shoppers - as well as stores in Colchester, Essex and Whitfield in Dover.

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