Tess and Vernon's birth dates:

Helen Elizabeth 'Tess' Daly, born 27 April 1969
Vernon Charles Kay, born 28 April 1974


Tess and Vernon's children:

Phoebe Elizabeth Kay, born 17 October 2003
Amber Isabella Kay, born 30 May 2009

Tess and Vernon's relationship timeline

In 2001, Tess and T4 presenter Vernon started dating.

They married at St Mary's Roman Catholic Church in Horwich, Greater Manchester, in 2003. (Horwich is close to Vernon's hometown of Bolton.)

The couple shunned a glossy mag deal, reports say, so family, friends and fans could take pics during their special day.

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Tess' 1st pregnancy

We don't know much about Tess' 1st pregnancy, though we do know she did a 'fertility dance' of sorts when she took her 1st pregnancy test!

“I stood in the toilet of our flat doing the pregnancy test dance: look at the stick, nothing’s changed, hop from one foot to the other, wave the stick, look back at the stick, still nothing, hop from one foot to the other again,” she revealed in her book, The Baby Diaries.

Phoebe Kay

Vernon and Tess's 1st child, Phoebe, was born on 17 October 2003.

(A year after welcoming Phoebe, Tess landed her best-known role to date, as the presenter of BBC One's Strictly Come Dancing.)

We don't know much about Phoebe, who turned 13 in 2017. We did, however, have a good chat with Tess a while ago, where she confessed that Phoebe was a terrible sleeper, and didn't sleep until she was 3-and-a-half years old.

She also told us that a 10-year-old Phoebe's reproduction lessons at school were *quite* hilarious:

"She thinks her father had absolutely nothing to do with it. She actually said to me, "Mummy, I know Daddy is my daddy in name but actually you did all the work by yourself and actually he’s got nothing to do with it." I said, "Yes darling, you’re absolutely right."

Tess' 2nd pregnancy

At 7 months pregnant, Tess hit the BAFTAs red carpet in a ruffled Philip Lim dress - that inadvertently concealed her bump!

Amber Kay

Just shy of 5 years after welcoming Phoebe, the couple's 2nd daughter Amber Isabella was born on 30 May 2009.

And Tess confessed to MFM that she was a little worried about how her 2 girls would play together, given their age difference.

"I did worry that 4-and-a-half years might be a little too much of a gap... but they’re really good mates," Tess told MFM in an interview.

"[Sometimes they play] together all day: schools and nature walks in the garden. The eldest bosses the little one, and the little one follows because she’s just happy to be wanted."

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