So just how aww-inducing is this pic of Thandie and her 2-year-old, Booker? How happy does Thandie look - and how uber cute is her toddler? It's just totally all the likes and thumbs up, right?


You'd think so, but of course after sharing the pic on Instagram (where it was liked almost 9,500 times) some people had to call Thandie out on the fact she was feeding Booker in public.

Or perhaps it was because she shared the pic. Or because he's 2. Or maybe just because there was a Y in that day of the week... ?

One commenter wrote: "The photo seems strange. He's two. He can eat solid foods. He can communicate. He can feed himself. Time to stop has come and gone a long time ago. so you're not doing it for him - this is for you. Only for you. Seems selfish to me. just my opinion."

"That baby is to damn big to be breastfeeding. he got teeth so give him real food," added another.

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The good comments outweighed the bad though, and thankfully, most people were quick to praise Thandie and compliment her on the beautiful snap.

"Letting nature run its course ... I LOVE IT!!" one said, whilst another wrote: "Yes Thandie! Amazing, beautiful, empowering and totally cute!"

And one mum fan could really relate to Thandie's pic: "Nursing my almost 2 year old and so fantastic to see this picture in the public domain. Well done mama ?"

The snap was taken as Thandie enjoyed some time out on a lovely sunny day at the Latitude music festival. We presume little Booker, who was born in 2014, needing feeding before drifting off to sleep.

We also presume that as a mum-of-3 (she and her husband Ol Parker also have teenage daughters Ripley and Nico) Thandie knows what is best for her child, and when and where is appropriate for a feed.

Her caption on the pic suggested she would take NO prisoners over it, too:

"This is what my body is made for. And the rest is my choice. #Freedom," she wrote.

Thandie Newton and baby son Booker

We of course know only too well that celebs do seem to get it in the neck when they share breastfeeding pics though...

Sam Faiers' breastfeeding selfie got the web all worked up a couple of months ago, while Tamara Ecclestone was laid into by critics for her beach-based brelfies.

We don't get it - it's completely natural - so why would anyone want to leave a negative comment? Surely it's easier not to comment at all.

It's Thandie's Instagram, so we reckon she can share as many breastfeeding pics as she wants ?

Images: Thandie Newton/Instagram

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